Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Soups Soups Soups

Almost three years ago I started at the farmers market with little more then 4 varieties of soup, well that has since grown into roughly 40 varieties, some more seasonal then others.
I developed some great relationships with local farmers and purveyors over the years, they have provided me with some of the best locally grown products available.
Soups like the " White Bean & Rapini " came to fruition because Broadfork Farms grows some of the best produce I have ever seen.
Having such wonderful product available makes creating delicious and beautiful food that much easier.

Here are a few soups that are in the current rotation

Maple Squash
Curry Squash
Cauliflower & Cashew
Pumpkin & Roasted Apple
Curry Chicken
Chicken Noodle
Chicken Vegetable
Thi Chicken
Mexican Chicken
Moroccan Lentil
Lentil with Black Bean & Corn
Spicy Southwest Chicken
Sausage & Kale
Tuscan Tomato Vegetable
Creamy Chicken Chowder
Kale with Quinoa, Carrot & Cumin
Beef Barley

Sausage & Kale
Many of the soups are gluten free as well as vegan and are available in 1liter containers.

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